Sarah jeffrey

Sarah Jeffrey,

My Philosophy

As a counsellor I see myself as your ally, and as a part of your greater network of support.

My counselling style is dynamic. I take an integrative, mindfulness based, body-centered approach. I place a strong emphasis on developing genuine relationship with each of my clients and ultimately see our relationship as a launching point for emotional safety and transformation.

The keystone of my work is mindfulness awareness. This creates space for unconscious, maladaptive beliefs and behaviours to surface, which we can examine and work through together.

I draw from multiple evidence based practices such as: Gestalt and Hakomi principles, Buddhist Psychology, Neuroscience research, Attachment Theory, and Internal Family Systems Theory.

Viewing counselling as delicate, I offer each client presence and non-judgement as we process together. I rely upon my therapeutic expertise and intuitive wisdom to guide our sessions, along with each client’s unique set of circumstances. You are an expert on your own life and I believe that by combining your self-expertise with my therapeutic skill and knowledge, great things will unfold!

Sarah Jeffrey Counselling


I hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology. I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor, and a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado, USA.

I have worked in the mental health and addictions field for upwards of a decade, and have had the unique opportunity to work with clients in the wilderness, and in conventional, clinical settings.

I am a former competitive athlete and have travelled to many corners of the world. I am a mountain woman at heart, while having an appreciation for urban lifestyle.

Believing strongly in self-care, I have a daily meditation practice. I spend intentional time with my community and get out into nature as often as possible (climbing, mountain biking and trail running).

A Personal Note

For years I grappled with self-limiting beliefs and emotional confusion despite outwardly seeming to have it all together. That, combined with a perpetual thirst for understanding and self-growth, led me down a path of healing. Through my own process of therapy, combined with a regular meditation practice, I came to experience a sense of restored wholeness and purpose. Believing so strongly in the therapeutic process, I dedicated myself to support others to experience its richness.

I am here to support with finding the roadblocks keeping you from living more fully. Together we will work through these obstacles, and you will be provided with tools and resources that support you in becoming unstuck. Addressing the root cause of suffering rather than just symptoms is fundamental to healing and growth.

Counselling is a process and an investment, and when we are willing to do the work, it can be life altering and worth every expenditure!